Reasons to Buy

Just some of the features available with CS Project:

* Roll up multiple bars onto one line
* Full control over resource levelling
* CARLO (Cost and Resource Levelling Optimisation)
* Matrix reports & Network diagram
* Splitting of tasks
* Overtime
* Variable availability and unit cost escalations
* Multiple calendars for tasks, links, resources and projects
* Multi-project management, schedule up to 200 concurrent projects and create
* Cross Project links
* Monte Carlo risk analysis
* ODBC based data exchange system for data repository
* 10 level Undo/ Redo facility
* Unlimited resource assignments per activity
* Group data by any task or resource field
* Task/resource code libraries for large or complex projects
* Store an unlimited number of baselines
* User-level security for complete control over access to projects
* View any custom time period with Report Calendars

Project Suitability

CS Project can be used successfully in many spheres of business:

* Ladder Links allow planners of construction projects to schedule overlapping work correctly
* The ODBC-based data exchange system allows maintenance planners to import work requests from maintenance management systems (database)
* The assign bar chart view allows production planners in a job shop to decide when to fit new orders into the existing schedule
* Material resources and unit cost escalations allow a plant engineer to plan and control spare parts and labour requirements for services several years in advance
* Flexible calendar management allows the project manager in a software development project to handle skilled individuals effectively

Manage time and cost

The bar chart displays the tasks that have to be performed, as well as when they have to start and by when they have to be finished. It can also show the order in which work has to be done.

* Linking tasks using FS, SS, FF, SF constraints with leads/lags
* Promote/demote tasks to build up WBS outline
* Expand/collapse summary tasks in Gantt and display multiple bars on one line
* Store a baseline plan for comparisons between the current schedule and schedule and the original plan
* Forecast cost using Labour, Plant, Material, Subcontract and Prelims

Resource Management

Assign resources to tasks and track usage, costs and share between multiple projects

* The histogram is used to display and manage the usage of labour, materials and equipment
* Over-allocations of resources are highlighted, showing you where and equipment
* Create a common resource pool to be shared by a number of projects
* Assign resources by dragging and dropping onto tasks
* Labour/material/other resources
* Make resource assignments effort or duration driven
* Escalate resource costs and vary availability over time
* Show assignment bars on Gantt. Delay resource assignment to start after task start
* Promote/demote resources to build up RBS outline
* Summarise resource usage according to the outline structure for single or multiple projects
* Define custom rules for resource levelling

Multi-project Management

CS Project automatically consolidates all projects that are loaded at the same time in a workgroup view. This is used to show resource usage over all projects

* Open more than one project simultaneously
* Share a common resource pool in a group of projects
* Use the workgroup window (with Gantt / Resource / Pert / Assign Gantt / Crosstab views) to effortlessly consolidate data across projects
* Create links between tasks in separate projects
* Use sub-projects to build up large schedules
* Protect sensitive data with passwords on a project, resource table or ID level

Data Exchange

Move data between software and databases

* Transfer text between programs using the clipboard (e.g. between CS Project and a spreadsheet)
* Transfer projects to other systems (e.g. estimating, planning, time chainage, reporting, risk analysis etc.) using the MPX format
* Import or export data from/to external databases using a simple, graphical ODBC interface
* Store and retrieve data from a central data repository (any ODBC database)
* Share project data seamlessly with CS Project Lite
* CSX file format which allows data transfer with Valesco
* Send complete project and reports via e-mail
* Send and receive portions of a project via e-mail for updating


Present a well structured, well formatted programme in a design pleasing to the eyes

* Export reports to PDF
* Create presentation quality charts and reports on any output device supported by Windows
* Print all reports in multi-page, banner (wallchart) or force-to-pages format
* Print detailed periodic or to-date breakdowns of resource usage and costs
* Store multiple report and view layouts and switch easily between them
* Customise reports in terms of layout, fonts, colours, symbols, fill styles
* Incorporate your company logo
* Use the screen preview to check your reports before producing prints

Tracking Progress

Are you keeping to schedule?

* Store a baseline schedule of tasks and resource assignments for comparisons between the current schedule and the original plan
* Record actual start and finish dates, percent complete, actual and remaining durations for tasks
* Perform slip-to-date and stretch-to-date operations to reschedule projects based on actual data


Expertly manage your costs

* Set up an accurate costing for your project with expenditure and revenue
* Then display a cashflow curve of committed costs
* You can also track progress with S-curves of resources or costs
* Plan/track fixed costs (per task) as well as variable costs (by resource usage)
* Summarise costs according to RBS/WBS structures for single or multiple projects
* Use tasks and assignment baselines for detailed Earned Value Analysis