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Plan, manage and complete your projects as effectively and economically as possible

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CS Project Professional’s advanced technical specification makes it the premier project planning tool suitable for corporate workgroups controlling multiple major projects, while its intuitive user interface makes it easy enough for casual and power users alike.

CS Projects Multi-Project Management functionality can automatically consolidate up to 200 projects and can be used to show resource usage over all projects.

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  1. All the features of CS Project Planning plus many additional:

  2. * Schedule up to 200 concurrent projects and create cross-project links
    * User-level security for complete control over access to projects
    * Additional views include network diagram, assignment bar chart, and crosstab sheet
    * Risk Analysis (Monte Carlo) simulation for costs and dates
    * Task/resource code libraries (P3 compatible) for large, complex projects
    * Any number of activity and resource user-defined variables
    * Bulk field change facility
    * Store unlimited number of baselines
    * Use CARLO to optimise the resource levelling process
    * Use the data exchange facility to share data with any external data source
    * Escalate resource costs over time
    * Assign resources by either time or effort
    * Tabular text and matrix reports
  3. …and much more…

System requirements

  1. General Information

    CS Project Professional is a Windows based application and can be installed and operated on all 32 and 64-bit computers.

    The application is installed onto the computer via an installation setup file supplied by Crest Software, either via a download link or a setup CD, despatched using next day courier delivery (UK only).

    CS Project Professional can be installed as a single user on an desktop/laptop/netbook or in a multi user environment on a file server. Thin client networks such as Citrix are also compatible.

    Should you have any further questions regarding compatibility, installation or requirements, please click here and send a message to our support team.

    Operating Systems

    Windows XP (SP3) / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

    Minimum Spec

    Pentium P4 700GHz; 2Gb Ram; CD Drive; 250Mb Disk space

    Additional Information

    * Can be installed on workstations or network servers with concurrent licensing
    * Any printer or plotter supported by MS Windows

Customer feedback

  1. Leading Infrastructure service company
    CS Project Planning was chosen for its ease of use and ability to handle both the short-term detailed programmes and the overall Framework Programme…
  2. Major Civil Engineering contractor
    Resource management and reporting are made easy with CS Project, along with a high standard of presentation…


Feature: Version:
Demo Express Planning Professional
Scheduling & Progress
No. of Activities per Project 25 500 64,000 64,000
10 level Undo/ Redo facility Y Y Y Y
Linking tasks using FS, SS, FF, SF constraints with leads/lags (including Ladder Links) Y Y Y Y
Display multiple bars on one line Y Y Y Y
Multiple calendars for tasks, links, resources and projects Y Y Y Y
Record actual start and finish dates, percent complete, actual and remaining durations for tasks Y Y Y Y
Perform slip-to-date operations to reschedule projects based on actual data Y Y Y Y
Perform stretch-to-date operations to reschedule projects based on actual data Y
Store an unlimited number of baselines to compare the current schedule and the original plan Y
Bulk change any activity or resource attribute Y
CARLO (Cost and Resource Levelling Optimisation) Y
Monte Carlo risk analysis Y
User defined activity fields and formulas Y
Task/resource code libraries to manage large or complex projects Y
Protect sensitive data with passwords on a project, resource table or ID level Y
Resource Management
Assign unlimited resources by dragging and dropping onto tasks Y Y
Histogram display to show the usage of labour, plant & materials Y Y
Make resource assignments effort or duration driven Y
Delay resource assignment to start after task start Y
Resource levelling Y
Escalate resource costs and vary availability over time Y
Show assignment bars on Gantt Y
Forecast cost using Labour, Plant, Material, Subcontract and Prelims Y Y
Set up a simple Cash Flow for your project with expenditure and revenue Y Y
Earned Value Analysis Y Y
Plan/track fixed costs (per task) as well as variable costs (by resource usage) Y
Summarise costs according to RBS/WBS structures for single or multiple projects Y
Accumulate costs into any predefined Cost Period using Report Calendars Y
Multi-project management
Multi-project management, schedule up to 300 concurrent projects and create Y
Share a common resource pool in a group of projects Y
Create links between tasks in separate projects Y
Data Exchange
Transfer text between applications using the clipboard (e.g. between CS Project and a spreadsheet) Y Y Y
Transfer projects to other systems (e.g. estimating, planning, time chainage etc.) using MPX or XML Y Y
CSX file format which allows data transfer with Valesco Estimating & Valuations Y Y Y
Send complete project and reports via e-mail Y Y Y
Store and retrieve data from a central data repository (any ODBC database) Y
Send and receive portions of a project via e-mail for updating Y
Customise reports in terms of layout, fonts, colours, symbols, fill styles Y Y Y Y
Use Custom Borders for Corporate Image Y Y Y Y
Publish reports to PDF format Y Y
Export reports to Windows clipboard for incorporation into Word & Excel Y
Print detailed periodic or to-date breakdowns of resource usage and costs Y
Matrix reports, Assignment Gantt & Network diagram Y
Store multiple report and view layouts and switch easily between them Y